Calabaza SQUASH Powder- Kabocha, West Indian pumpkin- Joumou en poud- Great for Making soup, Baking, 100% vegetable. Raw. No salt added. Gluten Free. 1 lb (2x8oz)

by Monayiti


Monayiti pumpkin powder is made from fresh calabaza (Cuban pumpkin). Calabaza is also called West Indian pumpkin, joumou, giraumon, Cuban squash. It has deep orange color and is sweeter, more flavorful than pumpkin. This pumpkin is great for soup and can be added in baked goods.

Never worry about not having time to cook your vegetables and watching them spoil. What a waste of money and time! Monayiti dried vegetable is shelf-stable. Bring it to your outdoor outings, keep it in your cupboard for days when you don’t feel like spending a lot of time in the kitchen.

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